Bike setup

How to you set your bike up correctly

Bike Set-up

Ensuring that your bike set-up is correct will ensure that your ride is more comfortable, prevent injury and increase your riding performance through correct technique.

The four areas you need to focus on are:

1. Seat height:

Should ideally be at top of your iliac crest (hip) while standing on the floor next to your bike. To check that this is correct when sitting on your bike after your adjustment your toes should be able to just touch the floor and there should be a slight bend in your knee when in the full extension or the pedal is in the 6pm position. The opposite leg in the 12pm position should have the knee directly above the toes.

2. Seat fore and aft: 

The distance between handlebars and seat should be a forearm length, when your elbow touch the front of the seat your knuckles should be close or touching the stem of the handle bars. To check this when sitting on the seat your knees should not track over your toes when in the 3pm position, ideally with your knee directly over the ball of your foot 3pm position.

3. Handle bar height:

The last adjustment to consider and is a matter of personal comfort. Ideally you want a slight bend in the elbows, the lower the handle bars the more aggressive the ride and more consistent drive and power you can put through the crank, however may put more stain on the lower back. The opposite occurs with a higher handle bar placement so it is all about personal and what you are aiming for during your ride.


Like to learn more?

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