First Aid for Fitness Professionals

A Guide to First Aid qualification for Fitness Professionals.

Here at FIT Education we recommend to all of our students completing either their first level 2 fitness instruction qualification or level 3 Diplomas, to complete an emergency first aid at work qualification as soon as possible.

A First Aid qualification is not a mandatory requirement for  employment into the active leisure sector, nor is it required for entry onto professional registers. However a first aid qualification is needed for self-employment in the fitness industry, to ensure professional competence and to secure liability insurance - i is also a great skill to have and could just save someones life. 


So why become a First Aider

Employment  - It will increase your prospects of securing your first employment as a fitness professional - By law, gyms and fitness clubs are required to have at least one first aider on-site at all times. So if you’ve applied for a job and can include a first aid qualification on your CV, you have an automatic advantage over other fitness professionals without this qualification.

Self EmploymentAs a fitness professional you have a duty of care to your clients, holding a first aid qualification shows that you’re serious about ensuring their well-being, and provides that added peace of mind for your clients. Plus they might be more likely to recommend you to others as feel safe and secure while training with you.


Young male athlete receiving instruction from Olympic lifting tutor

Different types of First Aid Qualifications?

There are many different First Aid qualifications for specialist populations including, pediatric, youth, athlete and elderly. Dependent on the groups you work with will determine which is best suited to your needs.

The two two main First Aid qualifications for general population are:

First Aid at Work - This is a 3 day course focusing on the role of the first aider, managing an emergency and effective first aid practice.

Emergency First Aid at Work - This is a 1 day course focusing on how to respond to all manner of accidents, from a minor injury to an emergency.



Even though it's not mandatory requirement, you should seriously think about gaining the skills needed which could help save a life.

We offer the Highfield Level 3 Emergency First Aid at Work qualification, to enrol or see further details of what is covered in the course click here for only £45.00.