Our Mission

Fitness Industry Training & Education Ltd will deliver a range of high quality, affordable, learner focused educational and support services that positively enhance the knowledge of the learner.

Our Commitments

To achieve our Mission we will:

Focus on our learners

  • We will deliver a consistently high standard of learner provision from the first point of contact.
  • We will strive to provide services that are individual, innovative and which reflect the diversity of our learners.

Communicate successfully

  • We will use a range of communication methods to regularly connect with learners prior, during and post programme completion.
  • We will proactively engage with our learners and staff, encouraging feedback to inform the continuous development of our service.

Work as one team

  • We will share our skills, knowledge and experience for the benefit of our learners.
  • We will take collective ownership to ensure that FIT Education consistently delivers a quality service to all learners.

Continually review and adapt our service

  • We will measure and evaluate all that we do and will use this information to develop our service.
  • We will respond positively to feedback and have a culture of embracing and implementing change.


Our Standards

Our learner service standard details five key characteristics which will enable FIT Educations team to achieve a high standard of learner service consistently.


  • Greeting every learner with a warm welcome and an offer of help, to ensure a good first impression.
  • Adopting positive and open body language, for example smiling at learners to appear approachable and friendly.
  • Using a positive tone of voice.
  • Engaging appropriately with learners in order to build rapport.

Helpful and attentive

  • Acknowledging the learner and asking how we can help.
  • Treating each learner as an individual, listening to understand their needs so that we can provide an effective and tailored response which is right first time.
  • Showing our willingness to help by readily giving the learner our time.
  • Using a ‘can-do’ attitude and positive language to respond, for example ‘Yes, certainly’ or ‘I can, I will’.
  • Working as a team to deliver our service, taking ownership of a learner enquiry until the point at which it is resolved.


  • Being well-mannered and courteous.
  • Listening to the learner with patience, allowing them time to finish what they are saying before responding.
  • Treating all learners with respect.
  • Speaking clearly, avoiding jargon or slang.
  • Being approachable at all times, even if we’re having a bad day.
  • Knowledgeable about what we do
  • Knowing the service and courses we provide.
  • Using our knowledge and experience to assist and advise the learner as appropriate.
  • Being clear and confident in our offer of help and suggestions, responding without hesitation.
  • Using our expertise to explain the reason why a request cannot be accommodated, and to offer an alternative solution where appropriate.

Consistently professional

  • Consistently maintaining established standards as those of fitness professionals and educators, ensuring high quality service to all of our learners.
  • Working as a team to develop our service, sharing information and examples of good practice and making suggestions for change.
  • Positively responding to feedback from learners and colleagues, being open to ideas and suggestions for change. .
  • Being well-presented and dressed appropriately for the job that we do.

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