1. FIT Education recognises that circumstances may change for our customers whether an individual or organisation, and as such we will work with you to offer support and guidance to the best of our abilities, and to find the best solution available.


  1. This policy applies to all FIT Education courses and provides an overview of the terms related to course cancellations. For a more detailed account of specifics of our policy on course cancellations please refer to clause 7 of our terms and conditions.

Our commitment

  1. FIT Education is committed to ensuring that all advertised courses run as scheduled and that we are able to continue to provide high standards of training. In order for us to achieve this it is essential that we can plan in advance, and therefore we take reasonable steps to ensure that all reserved places for learners on our courses are used as originally planned.
  1. FIT Education ensures that our courses are not only cost affective for the company but also affordable for our learners. Therefore in the event that a learner or organisation must cancel a course, especially when there is little notice, there may be unavoidable costs to cover.
  1. Our cancellation fees therefore exist to contribute to this shortfall, and are not aimed at making any financial gain.

Cancellation Notification

  1. If you wish to cancel your course, you must do so using our course cancellation form, as verbal or other forms of electronic written requests will not be accepted.
  1. Our course cancellation form can be downloaded here or by request to:


  1. For further specifics including time scales and costs applied and the returning of any course materials please refer to our terms and conditions clause

Our cancellation policy does not affect your statutory rights.