1. FIT Education is committed to enhancing Health & Safety across the company and recognises its responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974, its delegated legislation and other relevant standards with regard to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its staff and all other persons connected with FIT Education, including students, contractors, partners and members of the public.


  1. FIT Education will achieve this by fulfilling the roles and responsibilities highlighted in this policy specifically by:
  • Upholding our approach to Health & Safety as set out in this document.
  • Supporting and integrating a positive Health & Safety culture across the whole company.
  • Ensuring Health & Safety is planned into FIT Education’s core activities.
  • Ensuring all FIT Education staff are aware of their responsibilities and are suitably competent, trained, supervised, and have access to competent advice.
  • Ensuring working conditions and any devices to be used are safely maintained where appropriate.
  • Ensuring, through a robust risk assessment programme, that risks associated with FIT Education activities are identified and then eliminated, reduced, or adequately controlled and that staff and contractors are aware of and follow the risk controls contained in the risk assessments.
  1. These Health & Safety operating arrangements will be revised every two years to ensure it continues to accurately reflect the management of Health & Safety within FIT Education and legislative requirements.


  1. The Director Mr. Shaun Jackson is FIT Educations designated Health & Safety Officer, and is responsible for the management of this policy and will:
  • Arrange and disseminate necessary information including this policy to staff, sub-contractors and learners via inductions, handbooks and availability on our website or on request to the Health & Safety Officer –
  • Ensure the instruction or training for relevant staff during their induction process and ongoing as in accordance with our Continued Professional Development Policy.
  • Ensure control measures are in place to eliminate or reduce the effects of hazards identified by risk assessment.
  • Ensure that all FIT Education staff, sub-contractors and learners comply with all Health & Safety statutory requirements and associated internal policies relating to this document.
  1. All FIT Education staff, sub-contractors and learners, have responsibilities for their own and others Health & Safety.
  1. All FIT Education staff including sub-contracted and learners have a responsibility to enforce the Health & Safety Policy. The following are commitments to be ensured by all parties employed by FIT Education.

Our commitment;

  • FIT Education will ensure that staff are aware of local arrangements for Health & Safety, and if appropriate, have been given the necessary instruction and training to meet their particular responsibilities.
  • FIT Education will maintain links with our partners and awarding bodies to ensure compliance with industry standards and that guidance is met.
  • All staff will undergo first aid and risk assessment training as in accordance with our Continued Professional Development & Appraisal Policy.
  • FIT Education will fully enforce its Safeguarding Policy in relation to all Health & Safety aspects
  • We will ensure that any personal data such as personal medical information are held securely, according to FIT Education Data Protection & Information Policy but within a framework to allow for their appropriate use.

Your commitment;

  • You shall ensure all actions and decisions at work follow the requirements in the FIT Education Health & Safety Policy.
  • You must comply with the requirements of the FIT Education Health & Safety Policy, other site specific relevant Health & Safety documentation, such as procedural documents which have been described during your course induction process.
  • You will participate in any instruction or training which has been provided for the purposes of Health & Safety.
  • You will assist in the completion of risk assessments, where required, and complying with risk assessment control measures (manual handling, display screen equipment, etc.).
  • You must use all facilities and equipment as per your training and/or instruction which has been given.
  • You should be aware of the emergency arrangements for the site specific workplace and participate in any drills or exercises;
  • You must report any accidents, incidents, hazards and near misses in accordance with site specific and FIT Educations Accident / Incident Policy.

Health & Safety arrangements and procedures

  1. In order to ensure Health & Safety performance, so that accidents and work related ill health are eliminated, FIT Education has a series of Health & Safety arrangements and procedures in place. These arrangements and procedures are entirely reflective of how FIT Education manages Health & Safety issues and are linked directly to the FIT Education Health & Safety requirements.
  1. The procedures cover the following issues:

Accident and incident reporting and investigation

  1. The purpose of Accident / Incident Report Policy is to identify the cause of all work related accidents, injuries, near misses, ill health conditions and violence at work incidents in order to prevent or reduce the likelihood of recurrences.
  1. Any member of staff that has an accident or is subject to verbal or physical abuse must complete an accident / incident report form. The Director will then investigate the circumstances and appropriate action shall be taken.
  1. The Accident / Incident Reporting Policy will be made available during your induction period and the accident / incident report form will be available from the Director upon request emailing

First Aid

  1. The Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 require FIT Education to provide qualified first aiders at all times.
  1. The Director shall undertake an annual risk assessment to determine the necessary provision of first aid throughout the company dependent on satellite sites and their provision.
  1. The Health & Safety Officer shall ensure that all members of staff have adequate and up to date first aid qualifications which are required for their role and that mandatory training as stated in FIT Educations Continued Professional Development & Appraisal Policy is maintained.

Consultation with partners

  1. Further arrangements and procedures will be produced as required by changes or additions to legislation, or should FIT Education determine any shortfalls within its existing Health & Safety management systems.