September’s Kettlebell Course

Active IQ Level 2 Award in Instructing Kettlebells - September 2018.

We had a great weekend delivering the Active IQ Level 2 Instructing Kettlebell course.

Shaun was the course tutor and took a small but very keen group of learners through their paces during the 2 day course.

Individual development with kettlebell proficiency was the key theme to the weekend, with learners developing both their own techniques as well as learning how to correctly coach others through the fundamental kettlebell exercises.


The course

The day started with a meet and greet, icebreaker and a chat about what everyone's expectations, aims and kettlebell related goals are.

Before we started to look into the history and health and safety implications of training with kettlebells Shaun lead a progressive kettlebell session  to the mixed ability group. After a sweaty and enjoyable session we headed to the classroom to discuss and reflect on the session.

Discussions were had and Shaun then lead a seminar discussing the history, benefits and health and safety aspects of training with kettlebells.

Time for lunch - all this kettlebell training and discussion is hungry work...

Back from lunch we looked at the 7 fundamental exercises, how to correctly perform, identify common mistakes, and how to progress and regress each exercise.

We headed back into the studio to hone our skills and put what we had discussed in to practice, fine tuning our ability to be able to perform and instruct the exercises, before wrapping it up for the day.

Day two started off straight back in the studio loosening off those hips and getting to grips where we left off yesterday, before heading back into the classroom.

On today's agenda was was how to create an effective kettlebell session and a look at the bigger picture in terms of progressive programming with kettlebell training.

We stopped for a quick lunch before heading back to the studio, this time to focus on alternative and adaption exercises for the 7 fundamental kettlebell movements, before learners completed their practical assessment sessions.


Kettlebell  turkish get up Kettlebell  turkish get up

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Whether you would like more information about this course, or if you would like to enrol onto our next course, click here

Check out our free booklet, teaching you exactley how to complete the 7 fundamental kettlebell exercises.

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